Creating Rustic Pottery Pieces for Fall

   These rustic pottery serving pieces are freshly hand formed using the slab building process and speckled brown stoneware clay.  I have had lots of fun stamping and pressing them with my special findings to give them a unique rustic quality.  I will now cover them carefully  and leave them to dry on shelves for a week or so.  

   When the pieces are bone dry, they will be fired to a bisque consistency in the kiln at temperatures slowly rising to over 1800 degrees F.  After the pieces are bisque fired, I will brush them with food safe glaze colors and distress the textured pieces to obtain the rustic qualities that I envision.  They will finally be ready for the last kiln glaze firing at temperatures rising to just over 2200 degrees F.  Each firing process will take 24 hours.  

   The finished pieces will then be photographed and displayed on my shop site just in time for your country, lake or ranch gathering!!  Enjoy the warm colors of Fall returning to your home town!

   Thank you so much for visiting my shop!!